Sunil Agarwal

Seasoned professional with 30+ years of industry experience in databases. Sunil has worked as a Developer/Lead in database engine technology, as a tool Designer/Lead building backup/restore tools, as an application Developer/Manager enabling B2B commerce and e-learning, and now as a Principal Program Manager in SQL Server product team for the last 14+ years. In his role as a program manager, Sunil has led the team to deliver Column Store Index, real-Time operational analytics, In-Memory OLTP, AlwaysON Readable Secondary, Data Compression, Snapshot Isolation, Vardecimal Storage Format, Enhancements to TempDB, Bulk Import/Export, and Supportability. Experienced in leading teams both for in-house and offshore development. Equally at ease with drill-down discussion with engineers and working with customers and partners. Have authored many technical white papers/blogs and two books in SQL Server. Popular SQL Server presenter in numerous national/international conferences. Enjoys teaching and have taught introductory programming courses at University of Rhode Island and University of Colorado in USA.