DIFINITY 2019 Dates

Auckland, New Zealand 18-20 Feb 2019

Melbourne, Australia 25-27 Feb 2019

Difinity is the largest Microsoft Data Platform, Business Intelligence, and Analytics Conference in New Zealand and Australia. IT Decision Makers, Developers, Analysts, IT Professionals, BI Managers, BI Professionals, Database Administrators, Architects, Digital & Big Data business leaders, and Consultants will gather for three consecutive days of learning.

In 2018 (which was the second year of this event), we had 55 technical sessions delivered by 40 speakers from all around the world, including Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, Microsoft Certified Masters, and Microsoft Corporate’s product teams. Session topics were split into tracks for Data Platform, Business Intelligence, and Analytics.

last year we had; 40 Speakers; 10+ from Microsoft, 20+ Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP), MCMs and Microsoft Certified Architects (MCA). 8 pre-conference workshops at 12th of Feb. and 55 sessions at 13th and 14th of Feb.

To learn more about Difinity, look at Difinity 2018’s website: http://difinity.co.nz

Now is the time to plan for Difinity 2019.


  • 18th of Feb 2019: pre-con workshop day Auckland
  • 19-20 of Feb 2019: Conference days in Auckland
  • 25th of Feb 2019: pre-con workshop day in Melbourne
  • 26-27 of Feb 2019: Conference days in Melbourne

Submission Deadlines:

  • Deadline for pre-con submissions: 1st of June 2018
  • Deadline for all other submissions: 8th of June 2018


  • Session selection results will be announced late June 2018

Costs and Coverages:

  • Pre-con speakers will receive 50% of the net profit of the workshop
  • Conference will cover 3 nights of accommodation for pre-con speakers.
  • Conference will cover 2 nights of accommodation (50% shared in a twin room) for regular session speakers
  • All other costs (flight fare, taxi fare (from/to airport, local), food (breakfast, etc), etc) should be covered by speakers themselves.
  • There will be no flight costs coverage for speakers. Pre-con speakers can cover their flight costs (or part of it) with their 50% of the profit of their workshop.
  • Speaker tour and dinner will be held in both cities.

Topic coverage:

  • Power BI, Power Query, DAX, Data Visualization, Administrations, Security, Gateway, Architecture
  • SQL Server, Administration, Development, T-SQL, Performance Tuning, High Availability, SQL Server 2017
  • Azure SQL DB, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Catalog
  • Azure Machine Learning, R, Python, Advanced Analytics, Data Science Virtual Machine
  • Data Warehouse, ETL, Architecture
  • And any other Microsoft Data Platform, Business Intelligence, and Analytics focused session.

Tips for getting your submission accepted:

  • Submit NEW sessions. If you have spoken this session before in many other conferences, it may not be a good candidate for this conference. Come up with session ideas that you have not spoken before. This is a paid conference, attendees won’t pay to listen to a session that is already presented many places for free, or even can be found for free on YouTube.
  • Submit sessions in your expertise area. The audience would love to hear from people who are experienced in a field.
  • Add a detailed session abstract. It would be really hard to decide what you are going to cover in your talk with just a single or two line of abstract, explain the session, and maybe agenda in details.
  • Submit as many sessions as you can. Don’t limit yourself to one or two sessions, submit as much as you can. sometimes a topic has a very high competition, and another topic has zero submission, which can be your chance of getting a session.


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