12 - 14 FEBRUARY, 2018, AUCKLAND


Microsoft Data Platform, Business Intelligence, and Analytics Conference

Difinity is the largest Microsoft Data Platform, Business Intelligence, and Analytics Conference in New Zealand. IT Decision Makers, Developers, Analysts, IT Professionals, BI Managers, BI Professionals, Database Administrators, Architects, and Consultants will gather for three consecutive days of learning.

There will be 50+ technical sessions delivered by speakers from all around the world, including Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, Microsoft Certified Masters, and Microsoft Corporate’s product teams. Sessions will be split into tracks for Data Platform, Business Intelligence, and Analytics.

40 Speakers; 10+ from Microsoft, 20+ Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals (MVP), MCMs and Microsoft Certified Architects (MCA). 10 pre-conference workshops at 12th of Feb. and 50+ sessions at 13th and 14th of Feb.

Who's Speaking?

Lindsey Allen

Lindsey Allen

Lindsey is Partner Group Program Manager for SQL Server 2016 and SQL Server core engine (SE, RE, EE, In-Memory OLTP and Columnstore) Prior, she was lead architect and manager of Azure Data Customer Advisory Team focusing on end to end solution design and optimization for strategic Microsoft customers such as IoT connected cars and hospitals, mission critical transactional and data warehouse systems, real time monitoring system with streaming analytics. In the 21 years working at Microsoft, Lindsey architected and optimized some of the largest and most complex mission critical systems in the world.

Siva Harinath

Siva Harinath

Siva is a Principal Program Manager on the Microsoft Business Applications Platform Innovation (BAPI) team. Siva joined Microsoft Business Intelligence team in 2002 and has been part of the Analysis Services, Reporting Services, Power BI product teams. Siva has closely worked with enterprise customers in architecting solutions with Microsoft BI stack. Siva currently leads the team helping the MVPs, user groups, community, education/training content and marketing websites of Dynamics 365, Power BI, PowerApps, and Stream.

Pinal	 Dave

Pinal Dave

Pinal Dave is a SQL Server Performance Tuning Expert and an independent consultant. He has authored 11 SQL Server database books, 21 Pluralsight courses and has written over 4000 articles on the database technology on his blog at a Along with 16+ years of hands on experience he holds a Masters of Science degree and a number of database certifications.

Myles Matheson

Myles Matheson

Myles is a Solution Specialist for Microsoft New Zealand. He has worked in the field of business intelligence and data warehousing for the last 15 years both in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Workshops and Regular Sessions for Difinity 2018

1Evaluation Contexts in DAXMatt Allington TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
2DAX as a Query LanguageMatt Allington TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
3Things You Should Never Do In Microsoft SQL ServerDenny Cherry tbcLangham Hotel Auckland
4Table Indexing for the .NET DeveloperDenny Cherry TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
5Power BI Gateways as a solutionAnkit Patira TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
6 What are chat bots and why do we need them in Business Intelligence?Anupama Natarajan TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
7Analysis Services Data DNAÁsgeir Gunnarsson TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
8Impact of weather on English Premier League matches – Power BI analysisÁsgeir Gunnarsson TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
9SSRS and Power BI Report Server – What’s newCraig Bryden TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
10SQL Server in a multi-platform world – Windows/Linux/MacDavid Lyth TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
11SQL Server 2016 Query StoreDharmendra Keshari TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
12Troubleshooting Issues with Extended Events in real timeDharmendra Keshari TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
13Designing a SQL Server AlwaysOn Availability Groups Topology Without Losing Your SanityEdwin Sarmiento TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
14What SQL Server DBAs Need To Know About Distributed Availability GroupsEdwin Sarmiento TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
15Power BI Row Level Security Made EasyGilbert Quevauvilliers TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
16Test Driven Development in SQL Server – it will make your database deployments betterHamish Watson TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
17Dynamic charts for browser and mobile with ExcelIngeborg Hawighorst TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
18An introduction to the magical world of BIML!Jonathan Stewart TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
19Performance Tuning for the BI ProfessionalJonathan Stewart TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
20Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Data Lake, Polybase, SSAS and Power BIKenneth Nielsen TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
21Data Lake Analytics – R, Python and Cognitive ServicesKenneth Nielsen TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
22Azure Database Migration – Choosing the Right TierManohar Punna TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
23Hybrid Distributed Architecture with Azure Data Sync 2.0Martin Cairney TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
24Split, Merge and Eliminate – An Introduction to PartitioningMartin Cairney TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
25Real life SSIS for PortMing Man Chan TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
26Database Monitoring and Reporting in 2018Patrick Flynn TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
27Why MDX cubes aren’t dead yetPhilip Seamark TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
28Performance in 60 Seconds – SQL Tricks Everybody MUST KnowPinal Dave TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
29Secrets of SQL Server – Database Worst PracticesPinal Dave TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
30Data Orchestration with Azure Data FactoryRaj Krishnan TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
31Azure Data Catalog – Do you know what you know?Raj Krishnan TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
32Big Data Ingestion and Analytics with Microsoft AzureRegan Murphy TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
332,4,8 & 16 – Journey of upgrading your data platform with SQL ServerSatya Jayanty TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
34Datawarehouse Lightning Performance with Columnstore!Stijn Wynants TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
35Realtime Analytics: OLAP & OLTP in the mix!Stijn Wynants TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
36Azure Cosmos DBVictor Isakov TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
37Secure your data at rest – on demand, now!Tobiasz Koprowski TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
38AD 2018. 2 AM. A New Disaster just began.Tobiasz Koprowski TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
39Performance Tuning with SQLSentry for SQL ServerWarwick Rudd TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
40Power Query and M Deep DiveMatt Masson TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
41SQL Server Graph DatabaseDave Dustin TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
42Power BI Sharing and Security All in OneSergei Gundorov TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
43Power BI Embedded; Developers GuideSergei Gundorov TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
44Azure Machine Learning algorithm accuracy enhancement, tips, and tricksLeila Etaati TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
45Power BI Visualization Best PracticesReza Rad TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
46Microsoft Solution Case Study for EnterprisesMyles Matheson TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
47Endless Possibilities: R and Power BILeila Etaati TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
48Custom Connectors in Power QueryMatt Masson TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
49Power BI Solution Architecture; DirectQuery, LiveQuery, or Import DataReza Rad TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
50Data Integration – preparing for the data challenges of tomorrowRobert Blaas TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
51Let’s start using Cognitive Services in our business apps!Gosia Borzecka TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
52Introducing Power BI PremiumSiva Harinath TBCLangham Hotel Auckland
53Super Charge Power BI and What is new with Analysis ServicesSiva Harinath TBCLangham Hotel Auckland

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83 Symonds St, Grafton, Auckland 1010


Auckland International and Domestic Airport is just 30 minutes drive to the venue. There are a wide range of flights from many major cities in the world to Auckland.

Hotel & Restaurant

Langham (Cordis) Hotel Auckland is the venue for the conference. More hotels and  accommodation options will be announced soon.

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There is no place better than Difinity to ask your questions of members of Microsoft Product Groups, Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, and Microsoft Certified Masters all in one conference.


Network with other professionals in your area of expertise in here in New Zealand with our three day event: heaps of networking opportunities.

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2 day Conference Only
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  • Includes catering all day
  • Morning Tea
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  • Afternoon Break

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